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Éditeurs universitaires SPACEPOL Academic Publishers operates in a global niche market, offering high-demand and peer-reviewed academic books and journals in new and emerging fields before they've even reached the drawing board at most other academic publishers. Space Law, Public Innovation and Technology Policy as well as Corporate Strategy for expat firms in hostile markets have been the subject matter of our recent academic books and journals releases. Governments, international agencies and multinational corporations regularly acquire our scientific and legal literature as an essential element in their strategic library collection development.

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Nielsen BookData Online, Bowker Global Books In Print and Ingram International iPage offer regularly updated and aggregated data about upcoming and in-print academic books from SPACEPOL. In addition, the US Library of Congress, OCLC Worldcat, Library and Archives Canada and the British Library provide valuable cataloguing data for most of our academic books. This website provides MARC-XML data, ONIX-XML data and yearly release catalogue information for books published by SPACEPOL and for related scholarly imprints.

Have you seen the Video about Our New Technology Policy Textbook?

Talk of the first systematic textbook and model for Technology Policy Analysis has swept across the world wide web. This informational video explains why the level of interest is currently so high and why universities and libraries have been so eagerly pre-ordering the book which is due out in late December 2015.

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